From a small beginning in


Match Masters Limited’s (MML) journey began in 1998 with a small operation on Magana Road, Kikuyu, Nairobi. It comprised a very basic match manufacturing plant, a tiny office and one distribution van. At the time, the challenges of running a match manufacturing business were many: we were the smallest manufacturer, competing with much more established brands, had limited presence due to market access in some regions only and limited technology.

In 2000, with a clear vision & mission to be the industry leader in safety match manufacturing and powered by a young & dynamic Team, our first major investment in advanced match manufacturing machineries was made and our flagship brand Rhino (later to be also known as Kifaru) was launched.

Over the following 5 years significant investments were made to establish Rhino/Kifaru as the leading brand nationwide. Similar focus was placed on Farasi to make it the leading wax brand of choice. Major focus and investment were channeled to quality formulation and innovation both in our products and technology.

In 2003, a new and innovative product category of 60 stick matchbox was launched as Rhino Kubwa (Big) offering the consumer more choice and value for money. This was very positively received in the regional market and Rhino/Kifaru Kubwa became the choice of consumers in this category. Also, during this period, a couple of other regional brands, Flora and Paka were launched to offer the consumer more choice once again and grow our portfolio of brands.

In 2005, with leading presence in the local market, MML ignited its pursuit into various export markets. Using similar principles adopted in Kenya, MML established its leadership in Tanzania with the flagship brand of Kasuku which has become the leading brand of choice in the country. In 2012, our second brand of Tinga was launched in Tanzania.

Despite various challenges and a highly competitive marketplace, the brands have established leadership position in their respective markets. The MML team has been, and still is, at the forefront of innovation and exceptional quality and service delivery, which has propelled the company to become one of the leading manufacturers of wooden and wax safety matches in Africa.

The company has also experienced unprecedented growth, acquiring larger, more modern machinery, more skilled staff, extra office space, equipment and systems. At present, it has over 500 employees and a fleet of over 20 vehicles to service the whole of East African region. It has one of the largest networks of distributors ensuring the availability of its brands to the consumers across the region.

Today, Match Masters’ brands are amongst the best known FMCG brands in East Africa.